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You will never find out!
My main theme, as my nickname implies, is headlessness/ decapitation in women. Why only women? It's no sexist thing. It's a fetish, I'm attracted to women, so it's obvious where I'm going. If I was gay, it would be men. If I was bisexual... well, you get the point.

My fetish is very specific in that headless/ decapitated women should not miss anything else other than the head.

Requests and trades are no longer accepted (starting today, March 29th, 2012).

I will post Commission fees, rules and procedures soon after I've coloured some sketches hanging there for quite some time in my gallery.
It's been a while since I've posted here, or anywhere in here for that matter, but I've wondered again about the fetish... the decapitation fetish. No true reason other than the apparent fact that it is becoming more common on the web (a LOT of material), yet it is still underground; can hardly find anything about it (info, explanations, even hatred... very little of anything to explain it). Is it truly a fetish in itself? Is it a subset of necrophilia or sadism? What is it? Why am I not the only human on Earth that's turned on by someone sexy losing their head? (mind you, lately I've come to terms with my bisexuality... finally, hence I no longer have any problem with either hot girls or guys losing their heads... quite liberating to accept it, to be honest).

Just throwing some food for thought, if anyone feels like sharing. It would be nice to find some answers about having this strange taste, if there are in fact any to be had.

Some other thoughts about the subject:
● there seems to be a steady increase in the acceptance of extreme, graphic violence on some media, such as videogames. Mortal Kombat 9? Heck, that one can easily become a guro fest. Scantily clad women being butchered in many explicit ways?
● It weird how easily one can find sexualized beheading art and manips online. And for free.
● if there is a sadism, masochism, necrophilia, coprophilia, etc., why not a beheading fetish?
● it may be more ancient than I thought. Why other reason would there have been for people to hang out in public behesdings in post-revolution france if not for their enjoyment? Maybe some were turned on by them?
● Japanese guro's been around for a while. I can guess if anyone is turned on by guts spilled out, why not beheadings?
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Thanks for the fave :)
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hehe nice username
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i don't think I've ever ahd the pleasure of having you fave one of my works before

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Not a problem. My pleasure.
TZK203 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
I always felt that a decapitation fetish was... odd for me to have. Either way, do you know how common it is among the population?

Also, is it weird that I do not like guillotine decapitations, but things like punching someone's head off or something like that turns me on more than other pictures of the same category?

Also, great job on the pics. Please give me your thoughts!
headlessFetish Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Hey mate. Sorry for not answering earlier on but i've been quite the lurker; tbh i have been a bit dismissive / at odds with my fetish. I guess it is odd... from a mainstream kind of thinking. I keep wondering that myself and I still don't have an answer. Not a convincing one at least. It does seem like it is either more common than we think or on the rise. I've had it for as long as I remember and I can't remember having as much online material as lately. Guro, snuff, sexual decapitation... it is way easier to find nowadays. Heck, even a few women i knew around online have a fantasy about being decapitated.
DreadedOne131 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
There are actually two communities with the Decapitation Fetish category, at least in my opinion.

The Fantasy Decapitation (cannot happen in real life)
Those who love Headless Women, a mythical creature with a living body and no head that doesn't have the same judgements as a regular woman in most of these fantasies.
Subcategories of this community: Living head lovers(Like Living Decapitated Heads), Head Swap body thieves(want to put their own heads on others bodies, or at least like seeing others do it), and headless woman worshipers(Live in awe of sexy headless bodies that ambulate, for no clear reason for them living).

The Realistic Decapitation (could possibly happen in real life)
This is more of a Vore or Objectification type fetish.  They prefer that the women they chose just lose that noggin so that what ever they chose to do the body, there will be no objection.
Subcategories of this community: Head Loppers(Like seeing the process of the heads being separated from the body), Mad Transplanters(Like to put other heads, creatures, or objects on the necks women's bodies), and Re-Animators(Headless bodies moving on control other than brains).

If anyone would like to add or say I got something wrong, please do so.  I would love to make a journal on this!
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Hey HF. Take a look at this. You might love it.

It's a really neat video showcasing a bunch of nice headless characters. I hope you like this!…
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